Thursday, February 25, 2010

Norah has moved to Tumblr

After realizing that this blog relies fairly heavily on photos and videos, I have decided to move it to a platform that has a little bit more support for these things.

Tumblr makes it super easy to post and share photos and videos, as well as regular good old written posts so the [mis]adventures blog will continue on at:

If you have been following Norah's craziness here, we hope you will continue to do so over at the new Tumblr blog.

If you use Google reader, or any other RSS reader, click the Tumblr patch to subscribe to the new feed:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Ugh, human... stop taking my picture..."

Poor Norah spends a lot of her time with a camera in her face... She had the bad luck of finding two fairly photo-obsessed owners.

This is her "why do you keep taking my picture" look:

Friday, February 05, 2010

A New Place to Nap

The standard operating procedure for a weekday evening is for me to watch some TV while Norah takes a nap. Usually, Norah likes to nap under the couch with her head sticking out like this:
If she isn't under the couch, it is a pretty good bet that she is either under the bed,  in her kennel, or by the window in the kitchen. 

The other day, I noticed that I had not seen Norah in a while and decided to find her and make sure that she isn't chewing something somewhere. I looked in all the usual spaces but she was not to be found in any of them. Finally, I checked the bathroom and found her fast asleep in the bathtub. I tried to sneak in and take a picture without waking her but her gigantic ears (thanks to those corgi genes) heard me coming so instead I got this "why did you wake me up from my nap" look:

Weird little dog... :-)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Norah does... something...

I have NO idea what she is trying to accomplish here... and I don't think she does either since she seems to eventually give up...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010


proof that Norahdog had a great winter break :) :) :) :)


Wow, long time no update! Norah dog and I have been on vacation visiting Kerby so there wasn't much reason to write but now that we are back in Indianola and Kerby is back in Aurora I think it's time to get back to blogging.

Norah is pretty much house trained now. She will go to the bathroom on command outside, even on her short leash. She also doesn't try to go indoors anymore. I'm sure she'll have an accident here or there but for the most part it looks like the work is done. I can't believe someone gave up this dog because "she wouldn't go potty on a leash" (yup, that was one of the stated reasons why she ended up at the rescue agency).

Since Norah seems to be MUCH calmer in her kennel when left home alone, I no longer leave her in the kitchen - I think she likes the way the kennel is like her den (she sleeps in it at night as well). I of course wanted to leave some water in there for her though so I put a bowl of water in it today and when I came back she had tipped the bowl over and was having a great time splashing around in it. She looked at me with her "look what I did!" face when I came home. So, today I went out to PetSmart and got a kennel water thing... it is basically like a gigantic hamster water bottle (see the picture)

Gigantic hamster water bottle

I was worried that Norah wouldn't be able to figure out how to drink from it (it cost $20... a bit steep for some plastic and metal but worth it if it works). To test it out, and to get Norah used to it, I put it on her kennel door and just left the door open. Amazingly, she walked right up to it and started drinking from it like she knew how it worked all along. I wonder if one of her previous homes had something similar?

Anyway, to make a long rambling story short-ish: Norah now poops outside and drinks water like a gigantic hamster.